Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Column by #1 Promoter in the 518, Lamel

Club Sneaky Pets is proud to announce a new addition to our blog. We are launching a new column by Lamel Hubbard, Our number 1 promoter! Tune in and see what he has to say about...well...anything from past shows to rants and raves! Check it out!

Last Friday was absolutly insane!! We did it for real! It was big for
DJ Biz and his birthday bash..the theme was Notorious..we played on the whole Biggie was only right seein' how Biz is the most notorious DJ in the 518!!! We had over 10 DJ's in the building, includin' DJ Rookie, DJ Loose , Wiz Hoffa Dip Sets, Moe Sticky and many many more!!! There was a dedication to biggie @ 1am as well as a birthday toast to DJ Biz and all the leos!!!!! If you wern't in the house, youll never know! LOL!

This weekend plans to be even hotter as we take it to the next level with a live performance by
FOXY BROWN!! THE ILL NA NA!!! Be there! Trust...You don't want to miss this show!

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