Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sneaky's Stays Going Hard

Last Friday night Serani was playin' "No Games" ripping up the stage with an amazing performance debuting his new record. Serani gave away over a hundred copies of the cd as a way to show his love to the Sneaky's family. "There is nothing like the energy at Sneaky Petes" Serani continued, "the crowd is always hyped."

This weekend the hype continues with Jupiter Love on Friday (Ladies get in for only $5 all night). Saturday is the return of Sophisticated Saturday. The evening is for only mature clientele that truly understands sexy. The night will include special guest DJ LOVE BUG STARSKI. Oh, and don't forget it is an ALL black affair.

If that wasn't enough, the biggest party of the year is going down the night before Thanksgiving. On November 25th, get ready for the Butterball-Pre Thanksgiving Bash!! For such a party you need a serious draw, so we thought there is no one better than the one and only FUNK MASTER FLEX!!! Get to Sneaky's early this one is going to be a zoo! Show up before 11:30 p.m. and your in for only $10. Where else does it go down like this?

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